Five Mile / 8k ~ Adult Warrior ~ Royal 1k ~ Youth Warrior ~ Lads & Lassies 1k ~ Wee Lads & Lassies 200m

Kilt Runners – Chris Wood photo

It could be you running in a kilt this year! There is a race for everyone – even a Royal 1K for those who want just a taste of the action. For inspiration, check out 2017 Perth Kilt Run Photos by Ian Hunter.

Maybe this year you’d like to tackle the world record Five Mile / 8K race through the scenic streets of Perth lined with cheering hordes – with a free, cold Perth Brewery beer or Loon Kombucha waiting for you at the finish line! This year’s swag, always a popular keepsake, is true to the race theme “Celtic Cross” – how’s that for a hint? Then of course there are the prize incentives of $300 for 1st, $200 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd place Overall Top Finishers. Age Category Winners (male/female) are emailed a coupon for a day at McCreary’s Beach Resort Spa.


Adult races start at 6:00 pm, preceded by a “March to the Start.” Please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead.

Route Maps – Adults: CLICK on the following links to view the adult race maps. There have been several iterations as we’ve worked around community needs, but we really think these are final now. Thanks for your patience!

The truly ambitious have registered for the Warrior Obstacle Challenge designed for bravehearted souls over 18 years of age. Warriors carry a sword and shield weighing several pounds for the entire 5 mile / 8K race – plus there are various challenges awaiting them along the route, ranging from throwing to lifting to aiming. Specific details are mailed to the Warriors prior to the race.

For kids and youth there are these exciting race options based on age. Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance:

  • 3:45 pm: Piping In of Wee Lads & Lassies. These runners should gather on the sidewalk in front of the Studio Theatre’s red canopy in the Tay Basin.
  • 4:00 / 4:10 pm: Wee Lads and Lassies 2-4 / 5-6 years old 200 m races start at Studio Theatre’s red canopy and loop around to end at the Castle finish line.
  • 4:20 pm: Lads and Lassies 7-8 years old are piped to the Castle start line in the Tay Basin for a Wild Mile race.
  • 4:35 pm: Youth Warriors 9-12 years old are piped to the Castle start line and follow a Wild Mile course that includes some obstacles to contend with.

Route Maps – Kids and Youth: CLICK on the following links to view the final race maps:

The deadline has passed for ordering kilts as part of the registration process, but friends and used clothing stores are good sources of kilts for last minute registrants. Anyone wishing to support a Canadian company and invest in a quality kilt should check out Ronald Kilts based in Montreal.